If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“Afraid of the dentist? (You’re darn right I was!) It was right up there with flying a twin-engine airplane with one engine out and the other one sputtering. The idea of sitting in a dental chair with some doctor cramming a jackhammer down my throat and trying to convince me it was a dental tool wasn’t my idea of a good time.

“You have no idea of the things I’ve done to help me break dental appointments. Once I called the dental office and told them that I couldn’t came in because my uncle was going to marry his widow’s sister. The receptionist quickly replied, ‘That couldn’t be true, dear. If he has a widow, he has to be dead.’ (Oh well, it was a good try).

“Needless to say, I was running out of reasons, and I had a hummer of a toothache.

“Arriving at a local clinic, I noticed that there was a dental office right inside the main entrance. As I reached for the doorknob, I noticed that there was a sign that read ‘Dr.Odegard – 2nd floor.’ He obviously would be a better choice because I could take the stairs and it would take longer to get there. (Anything to prolong the inevitable!) As I entered the stairwell, I took one step up and two back down and before I knew it, I was back in the parking lot deciding to chuck the whole idea. Then it hit me — I’d always wanted to be an Olympic athlete. I quickly re-entered the clinic and proudly climbed the stairs, pretending at the top I would have the honor of lighting the Olympic Torch. Finally arriving at the second floor, I took a deep breath, opened the office door, went in, and promptly burst into hysterical sobbing. Before I knew it, everyone was telling me it was okay. They sat me down and talked to me about everything but teeth, and before I knew it, my aching tooth was repaired. That was four years ago, and I don’t worry about dental appointments anymore. Dr. Odegard (Dr. O as I call him) and his staff are the best. They strive for patient satisfaction, and demand excellence, and their patients become family. We have shared pool parties, Mariners tickets, and constantly keep each other laughing.

“If you know someone who is afraid of going to the dentist and wants to join the family, tell them to call Dr. Odegard. It’s that simple. Dial 425-277-4000 and look for the picture of my family and me on his dental brochure. I’m proud to be his patient. Please be prepared to hear about the home run he hit at Safeco Field.”

— Yerda Gesner (Dr. Odegard’s patient since 1996)


Dr. Odegard and Crystal did a unbelievably fantastic job on my composite filling. The color match is perfect and composite so smooth you can't even tell I've had any work done. I'll no longer be self conscious about the spot on my tooth!!

— Anna


“Thank you SO much for doing such a FABULOUS job fixing my front teeth — they look and feel AMAZING!!!! I’ve been showing them off all day around the office!!!

“I think there is a reason for everything to work out the way it does. It was meant to be that my coworker was out of town last month and I ended up talking with you that Friday in her absence, and then my other coworker Katie saw your name on my screen that day and RAVED about how awesome you are as both a dentist and a person. I instantly got that feeling that day that I should go see you. I’m so glad I did!

“The fact is that I’ve been walking around with a chipped tooth for months and it’s been killing me to see it in the mirror every day. My excuse was always that I was too busy, but now I know the real reason why I was delaying it: deep down I didn’t feel confident about going back to my previous dentist for a fix.

“The care you and Crystal took with making sure it turned out perfect was awesome to experience. Every other dentist who’s worked on my bonding in the past always did it really fast — get me in and out — and there were always little ‘issues’ with the look of the end result. Not this time!!!! PERFECTION!!! I’m excited to have found a new dentist for life! YOU ROCK, DR. ODEGARD!!!!”

— Gina C, Bellevue, April 2, 2014


The best dental experience I’ve had!

“Everyone is always so friendly. Dr. Odegard has always made each visit worry- and pain-free. I used to be afraid of going to the dentist and now I actually look forward to an office visit. Thanks, Dr. O!!”

— Susan W., Jun 2, 2013


Best Dental Care Ever!

“As a child, I received terrible care in the dentist chair. As an adult, I could not be happier with my dental care. The entire experience, from scheduling appointments, to routine cleanings, to treatments, could not be any easier for me. I love Jodi. She is a wonderful hygienist, and Dr. Odegard is the most calming, gentle, and skilled dentist I have ever received care from. I am grateful for Dr. Odegard and his entire staff!”

— Dawn, May 2, 2013



“Have been going for ten years and plan on going for another 50. Always top-notch service, no waiting, what else can I say?”

— Anonymous, May 19, 2013



“I’ve been coming to Dr. Odegard for about 20 years! Dr. Odegard and staff have always been so professional and knowledgeable! Now my kids come here too! I wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

— Keira, Feb 2013


Redundantly Rocking

“Incredibly knowledgeable staff! Friendly and fun. They continue to show that they care and are in tune with their patients. I recommend to anyone who will listen.”

— Nicholas, Feb, 2013


Super Service

“Everyone I know has been going to Dr. O for years and saying how great it is. When my husband’s new job afforded us dental insurance, I immediately called to make an appointment. We got in two days out, even right before Christmas! The experience was all they said it would be: friendly staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and comfort the whole way through. Thanks, everyone at Dr. Odegard’s!”

— Rachel F., Dec 17, 2012


Outstanding Service

“Good professional service with detailed diagnosis and treatment.”

— Iyad S., Dec 12, 2012


“I’m not sure if you remember us, but both my husband, Luke, and I were patients of yours when we lived in Renton from 1999 to 2004. We moved back to the East Coast to be closer to family, which has been great for all of us.

“One of the unfortunate matters we had to deal with our move was trying to find new doctors and dentists. After trying several out, we finally found a family dentist in the area who we really like. I have to tell you, though, that every time we went to a new dentist, they ALL remarked how amazing our dental work was: dental work that you did. I think we went to three or four different dentists and they all commented on your excellent work. Every single dentist. Even today, while I was getting my teeth cleaned, my dentist asked again about you and let me know that most dentists wouldn’t bother with the detail and precision you used with my porcelain crowns. I was thinking that it was important you know how impressed all of these dentists are with your work.

“While we’re happy with our new dentist now, we both miss the headset with the movies, the nitrous oxide, the personal phone calls you made on the weekends to see how we were doing, and Betsy’s warm smile and willingness to care for my children while I was in the dentist’s chair. (Please tell her my ‘babies’ are now ten and eight!) Thanks, Dr. Odegard.”

— Lynnette and Luke Peterschmidt


Outstanding Staff

“All other dentists I have been to I have always worried I would get stuck with the hygienist that was too rough or unfriendly. There are no hygienists like that at this office. My anxiety here is almost gone. I go here even though my insurance isn’t preferred because they are all so amazing.”

— Tara Y., Feb 16, 2012


Always professional and friendly

“I have been seeing Dr. Odegard for MANY years, since he was down in his old office. I was referred to him by a neighbor and have always been super-pleased with his services and the professionalism of his team. The most impressive part is the fact that they are always smiling, look like they’re having a great day, and always act super excited to see me. After more than ten years, this continues to be impressive. As an HR/organizational development professional, I say ‘way to go, Doctor O.’ ”

— Michelle D., Feb 16, 2012


Stop searching, you have found your new dentist

“I have had a less-than-optimal experience with dental workers in the past. I had neglected going to the dentist for years based on poor performance from previous dentist. Due to obvious problems arising from said neglect, I was forced to procure dental treatment. Through an extensive and complicated process (read: choosing the first dentist I saw on the Internet), I came to Dr. Odegard’s office. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and taken care of. Reception was jovial and informative. The dental care professionals did everything they could to keep me at ease. They attended to me without shoveling on the normal dentist guilt that usually comes from avoiding checkups for as long as I have. A few months down the road, I had an emergency with a tooth. I could hardly walk due to pain (I am a commercial fisherman; this is a hard feat to accomplish). I left a message with Dr. Odegard very early in the morning. By 6am, he had set me up with an endodontist he knew that could fix the problem that day. This was above and beyond the service I would expect for a new patient. If my some miracle the entire State of Washington hasn’t signed up with Dr. Odegard and his staff by the time you read this, you should be calling his office and not reading this review.”

— Brandon H., Mar 21, 2013


“When I arrived at Dr. Odegard’s office about five years ago I thought it was going to be a routine office visit. Much to my surprise, it turned into a five-year dentist/patient bonding experience due to the extremely poor care I had obtained from my past dentist. Every step of the way, Dr. Odegard explained in detail the process and methodically handled every problem I had, which was extensive.

“I have spent lots of time at Dr. O’s office and feel extremely qualified to highly recommend him to others. He is the best dentist I have ever had because he cares! He is not only a top-notch professional in every aspect of his dentistry, but he is also a quality person with strong ethics, integrity, and a great sense of humor. Bottom line, he is real. When I walk into his office, I know I will be greeted by not only an amazing staff but by a dentist I trust to be honest and fair in accessing my needs. I am always confident that when I walk out, it will be done right. In emergency situations, Dr. O goes above and beyond what most professionals would do regarding phone calls and fixing the problem. He is conscientious and does not hesitate to take the time to resolve a situation even if it involves his personal time. Dr. Odegard is truly amazing and definitely in a league of his own.”

— Carol Cook, June 11, 2006


“At 50-plus years old, I had my teeth for all of my life. They were not straight. They were not bright. So I went through orthodontics to make them straight but they still were not bright. Many years of coffee and tobacco had taken their toll and what I now wanted was a healthy, gleaming smile.

“I went to see Dr. Odegard and asked him if it would be possible to realize this dream of a gleaming smile. He told me what I wanted to hear so we went to work. It took time, it took money, and it took the patience and skills of Dr. Odegard and his very capable staff, but now I have that straight, healthy set of teeth and also that bright, beautiful smile! My only regret is that I did not have this work done earlier in my lifetime.”

— Gene Robinson


Implant Testimonials

“You have a great office with all the high-tech features and a wonderful staff. I have already referred friends and family members to you.”

— Amy


“I was very happy with my dental implant experience in Dr. Odegard’s dental office. They clearly communicated the procedure, the process, and the fees in advance. I feel that my implant work was worth my financial and time investment and I will be back for more dental work in the near future.”

— Michelle


“I had several teeth missing on the right side of my mouth. It is so nice to have them replaced with dental implants. I can’t think of how Dr. Odegard’s office could have done any better and it was worth every penny.”

— Lorraine


“I have been so impressed by your work and your office staff. A good job by all.”

— Marge


“Great treatment and friendly service. My new teeth are comfortable and pretty.”

— Dawn C.


“You guys are great! Dentures would cost more in long-term maintenance than implants. Wearing temporary dentures made it obvious that I never would be happy with dentures. These dental implants are just like the real thing. I couldn’t be happier.”

— Jim


“I don’t even know that my implant tooth is not my real tooth. I have referred many family members. Everyone seems to be super-friendly and very helpful.”

— Sarah


“My teeth look great. Many of my friends and family are surprised. Your team is very professional and the end results are awesome. Well worth the time and investment.”

— Mary W.


“I love my dental implant work from Dr. Odegard. My teeth look great, and I don’t even know that they are not my real ones. Plus, I never have to worry about getting a cavity in those teeth or needing a root canal. Exceptional service.”

— Robert B.

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